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Cat Toys

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel
Our Bengals were a little hesitant at first when we introduced them to the wheel, but once we trained them, they started using it all the time.

The wheel is by far the largest cat toy we have (other than cat trees) it's a whopping 48" in diameter. Assembly is easy, but does take a little time as the two outer rims and the track are shipped in pieces, needing to be snapped together. Surprisingly, it ships in a smallish box. As a bonus, you also receive a rubber mallet to help with the assembly.

The only drawback to this awesome toy is that if it's on a smooth floor, it does wander a little bit and needs to be moved back to its original location. Putting it on a piece of carpeting solved the wandering.

Update: While still a very good cat wheel, it does occasionally come off of the 4 roller wheels. Best used by one cat at a time, be careful of the pinch points created  where the 4 roller wheels contact the main wheel. Use of the included guards is recommended, especially if there are kittens about.

Dart Interactive Rotating Laser Pet Toy
Do you have one of those pets that will chase a laser pointer until you can no longer hold your wrist up? Do you want to play with your cat (or dog) but maybe need to do some other things? Well this device  is perfect for that!

It has a built in timer, speed selection and multiple patterns to keep your pet entertained by chasing a laser dot around on the floor.  It runs on 3 AA batteries.

Some of our cats will chase the dot, the others ignore it, but it also keeps one of our dogs entertained. (She's the one that will chase a laser pointer until your wrist is too tired to hold the laser pointer).

OurPets Catty Whack
Electronic Motion Cat Toy 

This is a high tech game of hide and seek for your cat. One feather at random will pop out, wiggle a bit and then disappear back inside, only to have another one pop out  a little later. The random nature of the feathers appearing keeps your cat guessing.

Our cats loved this toy, but eventually did "catch" the feathers. They are replaceable, and have been, several times.

Cat Trees  - These are a MUST for anyone who has a cat. They provide an area for scratching, sleeping and play. There are so many different designs and styles of cat tree, make sure that you find one that is suitable for your cat, and can be easily cleaned.

The major thing to watch out for is the quality of the cat tree. It should be sturdy, well constructed and made from quality materials. Some of the cat trees that we have purchased have had faulty components that did not last with the constant cat activity. These were cat trees that needed to be assembled. The cat trees that we have purchased that were already built have withstood lots of cat activity and are still going strong.

Before letting your cat use a tree:

1. Make sure that it is secure (Doesn't tip or wobble).

2. Check for exposed fasteners (Nails, screws, staples, etc.)

3. Check for loose or cheap quality toys (Dangling toys, small bells, strings, etc.)

4. Don't forget to check it periodically, cat trees can see a lot of action, especially if you have multiple cats.

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