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Have a favorite picture of your pet that you would like to turn into a holiday keepsake? We can take a pet photo and etch it into wood making a durable image of your pet.


Your pet's name will be etched on the back of the ornament along with "Christmas 2018".


The picture is created by using a process known as error diffusion, similar to halftoning used in newspapers

Laser Etched Pet Ornament

  • A great laser engraving starts with a great photo. Make sure that your pet is well lit, in focus and has good contrast to the background in the photo. A black lab sleeping in a black chair in the shadows of a dark room or a white dog playing in the snow would not be good options.


    Size also matters, the bigger the picture the better it will look. Don't use a tiny picture of your pet and expect it to be clear and sharp when enlarged (that only happens on tv crime shows). So if you want an 8 x 10 and you send a picture that's 320 x 480, it's not going to look as good as a picure that is 1200 x 1500. The more information in the picture, the better it will look when etched.

  • Please make sure that  you have rights to duplicate the photo you are submitting. If you, a family member or a friend took the photo, you can use it. If it was taken by a professional photographer, you more than likely do not have the rights to duplicate it. If you have a photographer's release form for the photo please include that with the photo when it is submitted.


    Once your order has been placed, we will be in contact with you via email so you can submit the photo.


    Submitted photos should be original photos (scanned or taken by camera), please do not take a picture of a picture.

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