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Cat Boxes we've used

Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box      Rating:

While great in concept, it doesn't actually "Self Clean", it requires you to "roll it over" sifting the waste from the litter and depositing it in a tray. Looked promising when we first got it, but falls short in several places. The quality of materials is its biggest downfall. The plastic clips that hold the top and bottom together are weak, often breaking, coming loose and sometimes getting lost, and on 2 of the 3 we have purchased, some didn't function at all. We used office binder clips to hold the top and bottom together. This may not seem like a big deal until you are rolling it over and it spills its contents all over.


The internal grate, which is what separate the clumps from the litter, also started coming loose, causing the sifted litter and clumps to mix together. We really liked the concept of this litter box, but due to the quality issues, cannot recommend it.

Luuup Litter Box - Waiting for Delivery

Luuup Litter Box - Full Review

We have several of these on order and are currently awaiting delivery.  Each is a series of 3 pans with slots in the bottom for sifting. When properly stacked, they block off the slots so that the litter doesn't leak out. To clean the box, you lift the top most pan and sift out the clean litter which goes into the second pan.

After disposing of the clumps, the now empty pan is placed on the bottom, the second pan now holds the freshly sifted litter on top, and the other pan is now in between the other two and will receive the litter when the top pan is lifted for sifting.


Let me start out with saying that we really had high hopes for this litter box design. It looked as simple as Lift, Sift, Dump and Stack, a cat owner's dream. And if all you do is pour some water into this litter box, it would work just like that. However, cat pee and poo clump differently than plain old water, and water clumps don't get mashed into the slots in the bottom by one or more cats.

The clumping litters (yes, we tried more than one type, and even some crystal litters) often would remain in a wet sludgy clay-like glop of kitty nastiness in the bottom of the box, which usually would end up mashed into the slots in the bottom of the tray. Another thing that is troublesome with the design of this box is that the plastic is soft, not unlike that of a dishpan, and the surface finish is satiny, not smooth. The satiny semi-gloss like finish enables poo to stick to it like glue. If the litter box was made of a much harder plastic with a very shiny smooth surface, cleaning it would be much easier.

So, while we thought that this box would significantly reduce our kitty box cleaning time and eliminate scooping, it unfortunately had the opposite effect. Cleaning the poo stuck to the sides and mashed into the slots takes far longer than a standard litter box.

Reading thru the comment sections of their website, they recommend using a lot of litter (unlike what is pictured above). We used most of a bag, which just about filled the box, but it still would get clogged slots that would prevent the sifting, and also with the extra litter, we also started seeing it being kicked out of the box. We even tried treating the box with a "no-stick" cat box spray, and that didn't even help.

We are not the only ones who have the problem with clogged slots and poo sticking to the sides, their comment section has many others with the same issue. The company has responded to those who have complained about the issue, and we tried the suggestions, but have decided not to use this litter box as it didn't save us any time.

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