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Here's a little bit about us

We got our start by breeding Bengal cats, a special breed of hybrid cat that is energetic. inquisitive, intelligent and very outgoing. While breeding and raising Bengals we realized that they definitely needed accessories geared for a more active cat.

After we ended our breeding program we decided to start designing accessories for these awesome cats and shifted the focus of our business from providing pets to providing pet accessories.

The accessories are lovingly hand crafted by us and of course are not released until thoroughly tested and approved by our Bengal crew.

So take a look at what we have available in our store (use the "Shop" link above).  We are always looking to improve our offerings so stop by frequently and see what's available.

Cynidon Craftworks (Formerly Cynidon Bengals) is located in Southeastern Wisconsin approximately 20 to 25 miles west of Milwaukee.

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