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Cynidon Bengals

Wisconsin Bengal Cat Breeder

A Special Announcement:

We would like to thank our family and all of our friends, clients and other associates that helped us during the years of our cat breeding business. Unfortunately, due to numerous factors: the Pandemic, personal health issues, advancing age (us and our breeding cats) and the results of  some long soul searching conversations, we have decided to end our breeding program.

Right now, we are in the process of spaying and neutering our cats and sometime after the 2022 Holidays a few of our retired breeders will be available for adoption, keep an eye open for the Retiree Adoption Announcements (Probably starting around the end of January - Beginning of February 2023)

While we will no longer be providing kittens, we have shifted the focus of our business from pets to pet accessories. We have already been selling some of our accessories at local craft fairs, so please check out our store (link above). We will be greatly expanding the products we offer/make so please continue to follow us and check back frequently to see what's new.


Don, Cyndi and Isabel

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